About Ming Yoga

Ming (明) is the name of our yoga studio and the last name of founder Stacy Ming. It also summarises nicely what we believe yoga practice should be all about.



One of the goals of yoga practice, whether asana (posture), pranayama (regulation of breath) or meditation, is to become more aware of our body and mind.



Once we develop a sense of awareness, we begin to understand ourselves, both physically and mentally, as well as the community and the world around us. 



If you break up the character 明, it stands for Sun and Moon, or Yin and Yang.  We believe through regular yoga practice, practitioners will gradually learn how to balance their yin and yang energy.  We offer various yoga classes across the whole yin-yang spectrum, and we believe our students will always find a practice that is complementary to their evolving lifestyle. 

Join us and let us take you on a Ming yoga journey. 


New or existing students may use our online booking system Booksteam to book a class. 


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Our Yoga Teachers


Founder and Yoga Teacher

Stacy Ming

Stacy embarked on her yoga journey back in 2005. In the beginning, she was drawn to asana practice for its benefits to physical health. As she got more and more into yoga practice, Stacy becomes fascinated by its profound underlying wisdom.


Yoga Teacher

Cindy Tsang

Cindy has lived an active lifestyle since a very young age. She was an athlete throughout Primary and Secondary School in multiple sports. Her strengths were in Discus Throwing, Triple Jump, Squash and Badminton. Her love for sports and competition brought her many opportunities for self discovery and helped her gain confidence as she was growing up in Australia.


Yoga Teacher

Richard Lee

Richard began his yoga journey in 2016 and immediately he realized the benefits of it, in terms of physical fitness, as well as mental health. On the physical level, his prolonged back pain and shoulders soreness were gone. He also started to appreciate the calmness and heightened awareness to his inner self.


Yoga Teacher

Clarice Lui

Clarice, an ordinary office lady, suddenly had this idea pop up that she needed to do some exercises for her health in 2004.  At the time, Yoga was the only activity she felt confident enough that she could manage as she was never good at any sport since childhood.


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